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General Questions

Are meals provided with my program?

Unfortunately, meals are not provided as a part of the program.

Can I come off-cycle to the onsite program?

How does PASS Program’s approach differ from other board review programs?

I have failed my exam multiple times, can your program help me?

Is there opportunity to extend after the program has ended?

What are the building and business hours at PASS Program?

What documents do you provide for international students that intend to attend your program?

Will your program benefit me if I am studying for the COMLEX exam?

5-Week Program

How many NBME exams are given with the 5-Week Live Onsite Program?

How many tutoring sessions will I receive with the onsite program?

Step 2 Program

Why do I need to sit through 5 weeks of Basic Sciences again?

Online Programs

Are the same topics covered in the OnDemand Program as the Live Lecture and Live Online Program?

How do I get in contact with person in charge of the online program with my questions?

How long are the OnDemand videos?

What is the difference between the OnDemand Program, your Live Online Program and the Live Onsite Program?

What will I receive when I purchase the Live Online Program?

What will I receive when I purchase the OnDemand Program?

When can I start my online program?

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