PASS Program’s Foundational USMLE & COMLEX Exam Prep and Tutoring

USMLE Courses

USMLE Step 1

Empower your USMLE Step 1 preparation with our dynamic course, crafted to meet the needs of every learner. Whether it’s your first attempt or you’re seeking a new strategy after previous challenges, our personalized approach ensures foundational mastery and exam success.


Excel in your clinical knowledge with our USMLE Step 2 CK course, designed for diverse learning styles. From first-timers to those needing a fresh perspective, our engaging content and supportive community pave your way to clinical excellence.

COMLEX Courses

COMLEX Level 1

Our COMLEX Level 1 course is designed to work in tandem with our USMLE prep program to meet the needs of any learning style. Whether PASS Program is your first step or you’re looking for a new approach after not finding success through other methods, our tailored foundational program will ensure you ace your exam.

COMLEX Level 2

Take the next step with our COMLEX Level 2 CE course, designed for diverse learning styles. Whether you’re a first-time exam taker or just in need of a refresher, our cognitive evaluation prep courses will help pave the way to osteopathic mastery.

Online Morning Questions

Not ready to purchase a full prep course? PASS Program’s Online Morning Questions subscription is the perfect way to demo the class environment before committing to our USMLE or COMLEX prep program. Our seasoned instructors will walk you through test-taking strategies for real exam sample questions to ensure you are fully conceptualizing the material!

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