S. Bennette

October 16, 2018

I was at the Pass Program for 4 weeks in February and March this past year. I only had 4 weeks for the course because I was on a tight timeline with from my school to complete my USMLE Step 2 CK and apply for residency positions. This was a time of immense stress and pressure from my medical school, family, bank, subconscious, conscious, etc. I had been required to pass a comprehensive NBME prior to writing the CK exam and was stuck at a grade just below the pass mark for a few attempts. The Pass Program was the most important event in my entire medical education. As advertised, it truly allowed me to see the patterns in exam questions, but more importantly understand the fundamental concepts of medicine. After I left the course my NBME scores increased, and I passed the CK exam on the first attempt. I was then able to fulfill the requirements to start my residency in Pediatrics, which has been and continues to be a pleasure and honour to be devoted to every day. I wanted to thank you both for the incredible work you do helping students, who would otherwise be forgotten and discarded, become insightful physicians. I continue to use the fundamental knowledge from the Pass Program, and the engrained passion for “understanding the basics” of science every day in residency.
Thank you both so much. I hope both of you and your families are well.