I took my Comlex level 1 twice, and this was going to be my third attempt. My school has a 3-strike policy, meaning if I didn’t pass my exam, I would be dismissed from my program. I came to the pass program broken, hopeless, and frightened. With nothing to loose, I embraced everything Dr. Francis and Dr. Le-Pava taught. I embraced their methodology of approaching the material, their guidance on how to approach questions. At the end of the course, I took my exam and I received my score. I increased my score by 148 points from the first time I took the exam. Not only did Dr.Francis re-ignite my passion to study medicine, he taught me the right way to approach medicine and my patients. I left the pass program with hope, determination, and excitement because I was going to be able to get back into doing what I love. You will meet lots of different people from different walks of life, and that in itself is a very humbling experience, because all of us had one goal in mind, to practice medicine for the love of helping others. The Pass center isn’t just the pass center for me; they are my family. I was treated like family from the first day that I got there, until now. I am so thankful for you Dr. Francis and Dr. Le-Pava. Thank you for saving my career, and opening my eyes as to how medicine should be taught and practiced. I will be coming back for step 2 and step 3. See you in a couple months!Shant P.
Great news! I passed my Step 2 !!!!!!

I got an increase in 120 points from when I took it before. I almost passed out with relief when I got the results. I want to thank you and Dr. Francis for everything you have done to help me reach this goal. I have never been a great test taker but the techniques that the PASS program has taught me have changed my whole approach to medicine. I have also noticed a change in how my preceptors react to my knowledge base. Before the program they gave me the look of sympathy when I floundered around trying to explain the pathophysiology to them but now even If I don’t know exactly the name of a disease or medication I can explain it to them. I am almost done applying for my residency.Anonymous

I wanted to just say thank you for all your love and support. I am happy to announce that I passed my Comlex exam and went from a 360 to a 478. It has been a journey and I am very lucky that I somehow ended up at pass program. Before Pass, I viewed medicine differently and focused on how to retain as much information as I could. During my time at Pass, I truly learned how to be a medical student and to understand medicine and it’s foundations. I began to think for myself and I was not fearful of doing questions or scoring poorly. Instead I focused on how to learn medicine and truly discover how medicine is based off physiology; learning normal helped immensely. However, I could not have completed my journey if it wasn’t for Dr. Shah; he molded me into a better student and guided me through out the process. Dr. Shah saw my progression as a student and was always very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He would go above and beyond and take his time to explain key concepts in its most simplest form. His physiology and understanding of the blue book and how students think allowed him to be very relatable. His patience and desire to have his students succeed really shows. I owe my success to all you. Thank you for allowing me to reach one of my goals. I am forever grateful for this program and I am confident to say my fear of board exams are now over!Anonymous
Thank you for the no-nonsense attitude with which the PASS Program runs its program. The teachers may sound hard, they may at times seem like they don’t care or that they are pushing too much when you have no more to give, but believe me, you need it. I needed it and I had no idea that I did. Thank you for providing me with a new way of looking at the foundation of medicine and for understanding why things happen the way they do. It wasn’t always perfect, but if it was, I wouldn’t have asked the questions and therefore, it wouldn’t have been ingrained into my mind once I finally reached the correct answer. And the tutors, I thank you all as well for your tireless efforts in the evenings and on weekends; with your perspectives and your ability to connect just because you had not long ago gone through it yourself, it truly made a world of difference. So thank you PASS Program! It works, it really does!Barbara B.
There was a time, months ago, when I thought that I knew enough to pass the USMLE Step 1. I went into my first exam after a 3 week program of self-directed learning, 14 hours a day of trying to memorize Kaplan high-yield videos, USMLE World, and First Aid. This was not enough; I failed my first exam by a point. Thank God that somewhere in the midst of the depression and anxiety that accompanied my temporary hiatus from school (I had just started third year) somebody told me about the PASS program. I turned the seeming defeat from my first failure into an opportunity to re-learn and re-organize all of the information that had been piled on me during the first 2 years of med school. Instead of a mountain of memorization, I obtained a superior understanding of normal physiology that enabled me to meet and overcome the challenge of the USMLE step one. Within 2 weeks my NBME scores had shot up by 130 points, and this morning I received my passing score on the USMLE. PASS program’s lessons will last a lifetime; I highly recommend this course for any student doctor, even those who think they might not need it will find that this course presents a unique chance to step back from your education and consider the integration of all the material that has been taught via specialists, PhDs, and subspecialists in that early whirlwind. Many thanks to Dr. Francis, Dr. Ibrahim, and all the people at PASS for a better foundation on which to build a lifetime of medical study and practice!Brian J.
I am Marivette (from Puerto Rico) and I went to the Pass Program a few years ago for Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS. Prior to going to the Pass Program I failed the Step 1 twice and by the time I got to the program I was a nervous breakdown. I am very thankful for everything that the program did for me. One of the things that helped me the most was the one on one tutoring sessions and of course Dr. Francis calling my name in the classroom every single day and putting me on the spot with his questions. The two day course for the CS is awesome as well because I felt I didn’t go to the test clueless. It gave me a very good idea of what to expect during the test and it was very helpful in terms of showing me how to be efficient in order to be able to do everything. I never had any more issues with any test since I went to the PASS Program. I still continue to use the techniques I learned there. I even passed step 3 just a few months ago and I was only able to study one week for it, literally. I click and move on as Dr. Francis used to say. I am currently doing my third year of Internal Medicine at the University of South Florida. So thank you very much because I couldn’t have it done without all of you, especially, Dr. Francis.Marivette M.
When I started at PASS I had failed COMLEX step 1 2X’s and was 40 points away from the minimal passing score (400). After the 8 weeks I was there I took my boards in Springfield IL (like it was suggested to me) and my score went to a 430 (a 70 point increase). Thanks for everything God bless. Likely going to use your program for step 2 also.Tyler H.
Thank you for all the knowledge you have given me during your course. I’m proud to say that I took Step 1 on Feb 1st and got my scores this week and I passed on my first attempt. 207/78 I know the score may not be the best but I am proud of it. The first time I took a nbme test I got a 200/800 so I’d like to think that was an improvement. I look forward to seeing you guys for Step 2 review and aiming even higher. Thank you again and with the Pass Program and you guys all the best.Khalid A.
I just wanted to share with you that I successfully matched into categorical internal medicine at Nassau University medical center. Thank you very much for your guidance and support. I hope the eyes of physio will help me excel during my residency training!Ao W.
Thank you for never giving up on me. I was in such a dark place when I came to the Pass Program. After failing two semesters, the comp exam three times, getting kicked out of medical school and failing step 1 on my first attempt you can bet that I was skeptical if anyone could help me. But then I started doing everything you said and things began to happen. My NBME, U-world, and Kaplan scores all began to rise along with my self confidence. Now I have direction and I won’t let anything get in my way of becoming a great doctor. Once again, thank you so much for everything and I promise that I will make you proud.Ray M.
I just had to send you this testimonial! As you know during residency it’s difficult finding time to study for boards. I had to take my boards during the most difficult rotation month, and was pissed off about that because my schedule couldn’t be changed. I tried to put forth a good effort to study, but I failed COMLEX 3 and got a 328. I devised a study schedule, prayed and fasted, purchased and used 2 Qbanks, denied myself simple, yet much needed and/or wanted pleasures, pulled out some of my old PASS Program materials for review, and was then “in my zone!” I got a 462, a 134 point increase!!! Skills I learned at the Pass Program has helped me tremendously. Thank you so much for creating this program for those of us that struggle with testing and/or just need a little help!Angela E.
Failed my COMLEX Step 2 exam in April 2012 with 360. Even though I was only able to stay there for 1 week. I employed the PASS strategy and passed exam at the end of June with score of 560! They can’t fool me anymore because I’ve been empowered. Thanks Dr. FrancisCraig C.
I wanted to update you all on my status since you and your program played a huge part of my success. I got my passing scores in July and went back on rotations within hours. I thank you and the PASS family because it was more than a program to me…it was a life changing experience that God had predestined for me to be a part of. Seeing all students from across the world grind, drill, and study like crazy…sleep in the eye, pajamas on, and just plain thirsty for that pass made me realize I wasn’t by myself. More than that…I gained.Erica L.
This is Mohanad Deen, I was part of your class in September, 2016 studying for Step 1. I took the Pass Program after failing Step 1 with a score of 190. Coming into the program I knew it was going to help me get through my struggles but I had no idea that it was going to completely overhaul how I see medicine and how I tackle every situation presented to me. I retook Step 1 shortly after finishing the 6 week program in November and I’m happy to inform you I passed with a score of 215. I’ve moved on since those dark days and I look forward to starting my clinical rotations in July. I am sorry it took me a while to reach back and say thank you Dr. Francis. I wholeheartedly believe the approach you took learning medicine will forever help me in my career and I will absolutely be rereading your book several times to prepare for Step 2 and possibly join you again in class in the future. Every medical school in the country needs to learn medicine the way you taught it. You taught me more than I expected and I’ll be sure to continue to practice medicine using the methods you developed throughout your career. Thank you very much for everything, I will be sure to spread the word about your program and how it helped me in my career path.Mohanad D.
When I registered for the PASS Program live online course, I had already taken the exam twice unsuccessfully, the second time I was 3 points away from passing. I felt that I had tried everything and just could not seem to figure out a system that worked for me. The PASS Program focused on repetition and presenting the material in a way that was memorable and made sense. In addition, the live online course provided the exact same lectures and study materials as the on-site class with the flexibility of studying at home. Every resource that the students in the on-site class had were also accessible to me, such as staff available to answer questions during lecture, tutoring, recorded lectures, etc. I knew that if I needed help, EduMind was just a phone call away, and extremely accessible and helpful in every situation. I am extremely grateful for everything that EduMind and PASS Program have put together to help students in my situation. I passed my exam and look forward to using the PASS Program live online course for levels 2 and 3!M. Blaine